Post-Mardi Blues

As everyone gets settled back into a normal school routine, rejuvenated from laying out in the Florida sun or lounging around with your pets at home, that feeling of sadness starts to sink in. We count down the days until the Thursday of Mardi comes and speed through it in the blink of an eye. Before we know it, we’re walking back to our beds as the sky finally gets light during tequila sunrise. Everyone gets that feeling of relief as we cross the finish line and slump into our beds to sleep the day away.

The anticipation for Mardi to come starts months in advance with people stalking Dolls Kill and Forever 21 to find the most perfect and original outfits to wear. Then suddenly it’s all over and Mardi passes right before our eyes. The afternoon naps and five-day boot pizza dinners make us beg for the end, but we look back at those moments longingly just a week later.


In the moment, drinking at all hours of the day only to wake up and do it again for five straight days is half exhausting and half fun. No matter the exhaust, though, Mardi is the best time of the year. Heading home and ditching the beaded and trashed streets is beyond necessary after waking up from tequila sunrise.

So now that everyone is back from break and refreshed, we get to look back on all the memories we made. As we do so, everyone gets that pang of sadness that Mardi came and went so fast. Walks to Satsuma in the morning aren’t followed up with the plan for the pg for the darty of the day. Beads are scattered in front of the boot and hung from balconies. Dirty Mardi clothes are piled in the hamper waiting to be washed or thrown out. Remnants of drinks and snacks fill dorm rooms still. Muddy platform sneakers sit outside everyone's door. It’s as if the ghost of Mardi’s past haunts everyone.

Once the first night out rolls around, the taste of alcohol has an additional disgust about it. It’s harder to take down, but easier to get drunk after a week-long hiatus. Ditching the glitter and rainbow eyeshadow for a regular face of makeup is saddening. Putting on jeans and a black bodysuit instead of a sequin tube top and neon leggings brings a frown to your face.

However, we always have next year to look forward to and another Mardi under our belts to look back on and get nostalgic over for the rest of our lives. So start your stalking for clothes because if you want the most original outfit, now is the time to search. Put your gems and hair extensions in a safe place to use for next year. Make sure you remember where you put all your sunglasses and fanny packs. Mardi 2020 is on its way.