The Perspective of a Tulane Transfer Student

Entering college as an incoming freshman can be difficult as is. Leaving home, friends, family and essentially starting anew is a hard transition for many. An even more demanding task, however, could be embarking on that journey for a second time. Students transferring to a different university is frequent, because choosing the perfect fit isn’t always easy. Transferring can be a difficult transition, yet also a rewarding experience full of amazing opportunities.

There is so much pressure on individuals to find a college they love, meanwhile many may not always choose the best fit for themselves at first. One of my friends Katie, who I met two summers ago, recently transferred to Tulane University as a sophomore. After only the first week of school, she seemed to have adjusted well socially and academically. She showed me that it takes time for some people to find the right fit. I had the pleasure to ask her a few questions regarding her experiences as a transfer student at Tulane.


Chelsea: Why Tulane? Katie: I chose Tulane because of how unique this place is. It’s not your typical big 10 school. It’s so different in so many good ways. The size of the school is so small which makes it a lot easier for a transfer student like me. The city is also so fun and everyone in this place is always smiling and helping each other out.


Chelsea: What attracted you most to Tulane?

Katie: The campus size, and classroom size, the girls in which I knew a lot coming in, and the community service done around campus. I am a huge giver and I love to give back to people and help out. I also loved the happiness all around, the music, and the uniqueness.


Chelsea: What has been the hardest part about transferring?

Katie: The hardest part of being a transfer student is not knowing the area. Whether I am walking around campus and not knowing my way around, or not knowing any of the good restaurants, it can sometimes be difficult but I’m sure with time it will get easier. 


Chelsea: What were you most nervous about?

Katie: I was most nervous about not finding my way around campus, not being comfortable walking around, and not fitting in. Although I am an outgoing person and a confident girl, I felt like everyone was settled, had their friend groups, had their people, and knew everything about the school so it made me nervous that I wasn’t going to feel “in” right away. I only hoped to be adjusted very quickly and luckily I didn’t have such a hard time.


Chelsea: Is there any advice you can give other to other transfer students?

Katie: The advice I would give is to be confident and to not let yourself feel uncomfortable because being able to feel comfortable and confident will allow you to get to know it better and feel more a part of the place.


Transferring to a different college can be intimidating, nerve wracking, and full of new surprises, however it has become extremely common and most students end up in a happier place. It is crucial that students keep in mind that transferring is always an option. Students should not put so much pressure on themselves to find the perfect fit right off the bat because it is always possible to change your path. It is hard to know what to look for while touring colleges, and many people need to test out a college setting before knowing what they truly want. As I’ve seen this year with my friend, Katie, transferring can really change someone’s life.