Our Favorite Trends of the Past Year

It has officially been one full year of COVID, masks, hand sanitizer, and nasal swabs, but I’m sure you don’t need any more reminding about that. Our Snapchats are terrorizing us with “1 year ago today” memories of sobbing while packing up our dorm rooms and braving the airports. Everyone has had a birthday affected by the pandemic, making me feel a little better about my own Zoom birthday party while trapped alone in my room. While everyone was quarantining alone, we still followed the same trends together. Here is a look back at the biggest trends of the pandemic.


  1. 1. Whipped Coffee

    After getting sent home and learning how to navigate classes on Zoom, most of us turned to Tiktok to pass the time during the new stay-at-home order. My phone notified me that my screen time on Tiktok averaged upwards of 6 hours a day being berated by whipped coffee tutorials. I could never get mine to the perfect fluffy consistency, but it still tasted good.

  2. 2. Tie-Dye and Lounge Sets and Tie-Dye Lounge Sets

    Tie-dye was sold out everywhere while we passed the time by making our own colorful sweat suits to lounge around in on our couches. Like many of you, I lived in lounge sets for the first couple of months of the pandemic. They're so comfy and cute- the perfect quarantine uniform.

  3. 3. New Netflix Originals

    person holding a remote control pointed at TV streaming netflix

    How could this list be complete without our favorite shows? The only thing to do after the school year ended was to turn to our screens to binge Outer Banks. Personally, I'm a JJ but I won't be offended if you prefer John B. Of course, Tiger King also skyrocketed to the most popular show on Netflix while everyone was having Joe Exotic-themed family dinners and throwing around conspiracy theories about Carole Baskin. (P.S. I still believe she fed her husband to the tigers.)

  4. 4. Chloe Ting

    Oh Chloe Ting, the only thing that got us out of bed to prepare for virtual proms and graduations. After the 2-week shred, there were debates about her workouts turning your body into a door instead of having a waistline. Her intro music still provokes panic whenever we hear it.

  5. 5. Homemade Bread

    Grocery stores ran out of yeast while we were perfecting our bread recipes. Making bread was the perfect way to pass time because it takes hours to days to rise and be edible, giving us something to look forward to. I'm still making bread now that you can actually find yeast again.