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Mardi Gras as Told by The Office

Thursday comes and you feel great!

You dig out all the purple, green, and gold clothes that are hidden somewhere in your closet 

You and your friends set out down St. Charles feeling alive and ready!

By Friday you have walked another 2 miles to the parades and you’re starting to get the hang of this whole Mardi Gras thing 

 Saturday rolls around and well…

The walk home from Lee Circle after Endymion has you start to question your existence 

By the time you get home you’ll pretty much eat anything 

Sunday is a new start and you’re ready to rally

But it’s only noon and Bacchus isn’t until after 5

Before you know it,  it’s Monday and you’ve almost made it

You’re wondering if Tequila Sunrise is going to be worth it

 Tuesday rolls around and you wake up feeling accomplished along with a lot of other emotions

You did it! Mardi Gras is over! You have once again survived! You have nothing to worry about and a day to recoup, until you see that little red box letting you know you’ve been tagged in pictures…

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