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The Magic of Costco

We all know the feeling. The feeling of just needing to buy some bulk items. Sure, you can buy a 12 pack of toilet paper anywhere, but why do that when you can get a 24 PACK FOR HALF THE PRICE (per roll)!? Of course. So you get in your car, grab your membership card, and drive on over to the magical haven that is Costco.


You arrive, park, and hand your card over to the mystical gatekeepers at the door. You grab a cart, and begin your journey.


Costco really is a magical place, because it makes you realize all the stuff you just HAVE TO HAVE. Guacamole making bowl? Need it. Kayak? Need that too.

Once you get past the sheer amount of stuff at your disposal, you make your way on over to the food.

Here, you find the free sample fairies. These people are very easy to spot due to their all white attire and microwave stations (no matter the food, there is always a microwave present). You shove some little kids out of the way, and grab as many pizza bites as possible.

And microwave burritos.

And cheesecake slices.

Once you’ve had your fill of these delicacies, you drag yourself over to do the real shopping. 72 pack of bar soap? Check. 25 boxes of Cheez-Itz? Check. 36 eggs? Check.

You weave through the aisles, finally making it to the checkout line. Where you proceed to wait. And wait. And open your Cheez-Itz.

Finally, you make it to the front. The cashier rings it all up, and you pay for all of your new items (including the kayak).

Before you leave, you reward yourself with a 65 cent churro. Because churro.

Finally, you make it to the door, get your reciept highlighted, and call it a successful day.

Current Tulane senior studying English and Communications. Contact: sydneyclarke@hercampus.com
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