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The League: Dating App

Everyone knows the connotation that naturally comes from dating apps; sketchy, slimy boys who are all looking for one thing. There really are no criteria to be on a dating a dating app, but there actually is one app that is perfect for all the picky girls that are sick and tired of all the catfish men in the world. The league is the answer to all of our prayers.

Basically, once you sign up for the league, you need to connect your Linked in profile and your Facebook. After, you are put on a waiting list which weeds out all of the fake profiles and creeps, and finally once you’re accepted, it’s a whole different ball park. You can change your settings to what religion you’re looking for, what level of education you’re looking for, and of course your location. Right now The league is active in Miami, New York, Chicago, LA, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Austin, Houston, and Dallas. Everyday they give you 3-5 people in your area that fit under all of your preferences; they also give you some options for events and groups you can join to meet even more people. Once you’ve matched and spoken to come cuties, you build up a League score that allows you to move up in status. This means you match with more people who have higher scores and better chances of dates. Your score is based on if you’re flaky or not, picky or not, and if you’re nice or not. So if you’re like me and so so SO tired of these wacky creeps, please do yourself the favor and download The league.


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