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Job Hunting for Collegiettes

Being a collegiette is expensive! Between clothes, groceries and meals, events, going out, and all of the other expenses in a student’s life, the money seriously adds up. Many of us have probably found ourselves wishing you had a little extra income!

Put your worrying aside because there are plenty of opportunities to make some cash without sacrificing your busy schedule. Whether you’re a social butterfly, a student athlete, an academic superstar or somewhere in between, there is definitely a job opportunity that is right for you. 

There are a few websites that specialize in matching individuals to open job offerings. WayUp.com is an awesome website made specifically for college students to match them with both part-time and full-time jobs and internships on and around campus. There are a multitude of offerings that span individual interests in terms of time commitment and subject area. After quickly designing your own profile, WayUp will give you a ton of job opportunities that you may be interested in – and most are paid!

There are also so many resources on campus that rely on student employment. For example, the admissions office and tutoring center could always use an extra hand! Giving back to your school by helping other students is a great way to get involved and make some extra money. Even if a specific office is not currently hiring, volunteering a little of your time will get you established and may help you get a job or a reference in the future.

Happy job hunting!