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An Interview with Royalty: Patrick & Sue-Claire


Name: Patrick Wroe

Hometown: Austin, TX

Year: Senior

Major: Finance & Marketing


Name: Sue-Claire Lichtveld 

Hometown: Cumming, GA

Year: Senior

Major: Public Health and Environmental Studies


What was your reaction when you found out you won ~*kween*~ and *~king*~?

Patrick: I dropped the f-bomb in front of President Fitts. In my defense, I was extremely overwhelmed. I was not only stoked to win myself, but I was so excited that Sue-Claire got Queen so I ran to hug her as fast as possible! And when we hugged and I saw that she was crying, it was just all too much for me; the f-word slipped my tongue. 

Sue-Claire: I definitely took a few moments to register what happened. I honestly cried and felt extremely overwhelmed. Patrick bear hugged me and then we couldn’t stop looking at each other in awe!


What was the highlight of your homecoming week experience? 

Patrick: My favorite part was when all ten of the Homecoming Court members were on the float together, and we were being paraded to the game. All of us would agree that it was a very weird experience, but none of us would deny that throwing the cups, ponchos and bam bams was so really fun though. We had an inordinate amount of bam-bams so I would just throw ten at a time to unsuspecting people walking to the game; they had no idea what hit them.

Sue-Claire: The highlight of my experience was all of game day. First, going to the field with the court and goofing off during our practice run. Then of course having the privilege of becoming queen with my king, Patrick!


Thoughts on Hoodie’s Tulane rap

Patrick: @Margaret, I was unable to make Hoodie Allen’s concert so I have NO idea what you’re talking about.

Sue-Claire: I was very impressed. He gave a shout out to Bruff and the Boot, which was incredible.


Favorite member of Homecoming Court 2015

Patrick: I love all the Homecoming Court members so much. They are all amazing people. That being said, I am so glad Carlos Wilson was on court with us. If he was in a sitcom or movie, he’d be named “Scene Stealer of the Year”. We all had a GroupMe with the Homecoming Court chairs, and I give him Most Valuable GroupMe Contributor award of the year. He is hands down the funniest guy you will ever meet, and he definitely brought us all as a group together. 

Sue-Claire: Besides my king, this one goes out to Richard, for literally catching me when I fell and being an awesome and hilarious partner. I really just wish I was his best friend, honestly, because he’s too funny.


What has been your favorite involvement at Tulane? 

Patrick: I have loved being President of Green Wave Ambassadors. I feel really lucky that I got to recruit and train the 65 new tour guides. Seeing so many of them get so excited to give tours is very fulfilling. It does require some disciplining on my part, but my favorite part of my job (and also easiest) is sending our guides the awesome feedback that parents and students give. 

Sue-Claire: My favorite involvement is a two-way tie between being a part of Muses (club ultimate frisbee) and being an Orientation Team Leader this past summer.


If you could give your freshman self one piece of advice, what would it be? 

Patrick: Get involved in something and find that thing that you love doing. It’s fun to be involved in activities on and off campus! I have found so much fulfillment through my involvements in different organizations at Tulane and in New Orleans.

Sue-Claire: Tulane has an amazing campus but don’t forget about this amazing city called New Orleans–explore as much as you can!




Movie: Bridesmaids & Clue & Juno

Book: Most recent book I read (favorite is just too hard): The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

TV show: West Wing & Friends & LOST


Movie: Hercules (yes, the animated Disney one)

Book: 1984 by George Orwell

TV show: Bob’s Burgers


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