How to Stay Woke

            To all my fans out there reading this article: hello, welcome back, and Namaste. As I sit and write this incredibly riveting piece of work, I can only think about one thing…my current state of mind. In all honesty, being back at school has been tough. The transition period is so real, even after the freshman year hump. Sophomore year brings much struggle and strife, along with a new adjustment period of getting back into the swing of things. With my mind racing a million miles a minute and my heart rate increasing to unhealthy levels, I oftentimes have to remind myself one thing: stay woke. How might I do this, you ask? Well, it’s actually simpler than you’d think.

            Now before I dive in to a series of psychological and philosophical lessons about how we as humans are merely a speck of dust on this large abyss called planet Earth, it’s important for me to say one thing: finding and opening your ~third eye~ is a different process for everyone. Moreover, it’s a process I haven’t completed, nor am I even remotely close to completing.  Rather, I find that just reminding myself that “wokeness” is possible helps me to relax, gain focus, and embrace the sane, yet existential part of me.

            In my experience, in order to stay calm and collected, having perspective is major key. For example, recalling that your life is merely beginning is so important—you are young and spritely, ready to take on the world! Any little mistake you make or have made only helps you to grow…and, trust me, it’s one thousand times less painful to make a “first world problem” mistake than it is in so many other places around the world.  Thus comes the mantra: perspective, perspective, perspective. Say it with me now!

            Additionally, staying woke can help you stay conscious of your privilege. I try to remind myself of all the great things in life I’ve achieved and will continue to achieve of my own volition, as well as through the lottery of life. Training yourself to take a step outside of your temporary misery and relish in your own knowledge can be hard, but it’s so important. Maybe this happens through making a gratitude journal.  Maybe it happens by taking a walk and embracing the vast glory of the natural world. Maybe it just happens serendipitously, like when you’re in a class you love and suddenly remember how awesome it is to just learn stuff. Just remember: don’t take any single day for granted, train yourself to look within, and, honestly, stay woke, my friends.