How to Battle the Pandemic AND the Weather: Outdoor, Covered NOLA Restaurants

With restaurants open, many might opt for outdoor dining to reduce the spread of COVID. But in the rainy New Orleans weather, it can be challenging to enjoy a meal outdoors. My friends and I often struggle with picking a restaurant if it’s raining, so I’ve compiled some of my favorite restaurants: COVID AND rain-approved!


Blue Giant Chinese

While New Orleans is undoubtedly one of the best food cities, I used to be disappointed with the selection of Chinese food… until I checked out Blue Giant. Blue Giant merges Chinese cuisine with classic New Orleans fare, making for an exciting and tasty menu. Plus, I sat outside in the rain under a covered portion on the street and stayed completely dry!


French Truck Coffee

barista preparing coffee cappuccino Photo by Jakub Kapusnak from Foodies Feed

French Truck is one of my favorite coffee shops, so its covered patio area is SUCH an added bonus. What I love about French Truck’s covered patio is that it’s covered with clear roofing, so there is still lots of natural light. And, when it’s not raining, you’ll still feel like you’re enjoying the nice weather. I love to get a coffee and a toast and sit outside while doing homework with friends!



Taco with corn and salsa Photo by Constanze Riechert-Kurtze from Pixabay

Val’s is a brand new taco joint on Freret Street with a happening atmosphere. The restaurant itself is mostly outside, with plenty of fresh air and space to social distance. It does have a large covered area, but the waiting area to get seated is not covered. I’d recommend hitting up Val’s if the forecast is looking iffy, but not when it’s already downpouring. Be prepared to wait outside to get seated, but then enjoy a fully covered meal!


Blue Oak BBQ

While I’m not the biggest BBQ fan, I absolutely LOVE Blue Oak for its fun atmosphere and excellent sides. This restaurant also gives out cute plastic cups that you can take home. Blue Oak has a large covered patio, so feel free to enjoy your pulled pork and mac and cheese in any forecast!


Hummus Christin Urso / Spoon

Yes, Saba has covered outdoor seating! It has a tent off the front of the restaurant that is completely rain-free. I’ve been to Saba during a torrential downpour and had the most enjoyable hummus experience possible.


Some of the many reasons why I love New Orleans is for its food and for its warm weather, making this city the perfect destination for outdoor dining. The NOLA rain can make restaurant dining challenging, so use this list the next time you’re hungry but want to stay dry!