A Guide to All the Best Caffeine Stops in New Orleans

One of the best things about New Orleans is the city’s love of food and drinks. It’s only fitting that New Orleans locals prefer to get their caffeine fix from coffee shops a bit more exciting than Starbucks. Here is a conclusive guide to all the best drink spots in Nola!


French Truck


With a few locations around the city, French Truck is a great place to check out if you’re in the mood for a light meal as well. They have plenty of coffee blends and iced teas to choose from. Some of my favorite things to get at French Truck are the homemade iced teas made with SPARKLING WATER and the toasts (there are gluten-free options as well)!


Bearcat Cafe

While Bearcat is more of a brunch cafe, it still has an amazing coffee bar. Pick up made-to-order lattes at the counter or choose from Bearcat’s many coffees, teas, lemonades, and juices from the refrigerator. It has excellent diary-free options as well!


Drink Beauty

As the name may suggest, Drink Beauty is probably the most beautiful and Instaworthy coffee shop I’ve ever seen. It has gorgeous coffees, matcha drinks, and lattes in every pastel shade imaginable.


The Vintage

The Vintage is a cafe that offers coffee, beignets, and alcoholic beverages in a French bistro-style atmosphere. This spacious location becomes lively during Happy Hour, and it is situated in a great spot on Magazine Street.


District Donuts

Not only does this cafe have several unique flavors of donuts, but it also has great drinks! From coffees to seasonal beverages, District Donuts has something on the menu for everyone. There are a few artsy and industrial locations throughout the city.