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Go To Places in New Orleans to Fulfill Your Fall Shopping Craze

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

After many consecutive weeks of adjusting to humid temperatures and thinking of 90 degrees Fahrenheit as the norm, I am sure I was not the only freshman to grab for a sweater and boots at the first sign of dropping temperatures. As I walked outside to greet the days following fall break, one thing was crossing my Californian mind: how can I wait until Thanksgiving to obtain my fall and winter essentials. For those of you that would rather hit the streets of New Orleans in search of a new wardrobe, as opposed to waiting the last few weeks until Thanksgiving, here are the stores I suggest.

Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack is a personal favorite of mine, and the first place I look to when in the market for new clothes. Located at the Outlet Collection at Riverwalk Mall, Nordstrom Rack is the place to stock up on items ranging from fall boots, to hats, to sweaters, to bags, to everything in between.

Saks Fifth Avenue 

Located on Canal Street, Saks Fifth Avenue offers high end designer apparel, shoes and accessories. It is the perfect place to whip out your credit card, and spend some time on post midterm retail therapy.

United Apparel Liquidators

United Apparel Liquidators, with locations in Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, as well as New Orleans, offers reasonably priced high fashion and everyday essentials. According to Racked, “it’s where the locals go to get Gucci, Jacquemus, and Alexander Wang.” Those boots I see are definitely calling my name.  


Stonefree, with a similar vibe to the likes of Free People and Anthropologie, will allow the chance to express your bohemian side, while still getting in the spirit of fall and Winter. Located in the Central Business District next to Will Jean, this is the perfect post brunch spot to hit.


Monomin is a must shop store for the minimalist in your friend group. Located on magazine street, Monomin offers neutral clothing that will add a trendy yet understated vibe to your new closet.

Krewe Du Optic

Last but not least, Krewe Du Optic, with its flagship store in the French Quarter of New Orleans, offers cute and bubbly eyewear, perfect for any occasion. While technically this is a fall and Winter shopping guide, let’s face it, when is it not sunny in New Orleans?