Glossier Dupes: Looking Good on a Budget

Glossier. The brand that has taken the world by storm. While glossier is super great to achieve effortless makeup looks, the price tag is not always ideal for college students on a budget. Never fear, there are some great drugstore dupes that give you the same look for a much better price.


Milk Jelly Cleanser - $18.00

The Alternative: Bliss Makeup Melt Cleanser - $9.99

This skincare product is almost exactly the same in both product design and in function. For half the price, it's a great alternative.


Boy Brow - $16.00

The Alternative: Colorpop Brow Boss Gel - $6.50

The product is almost exactly the same in style and function. Seriously, the only difference is the color change on the cap. Colorpop is a great brand for cheap and really high quality products.  

Cloud Paint - $18.00

The Alternative: Flower Beauty Blush Bomb Color Drops - $10.00

Flower Beauty has a great alternative to the Cloud Paint. While it is slighly less pigmented than the Glossier version, it is still super buildable and easy to use.


Perfecting Skin Tint - $26.00

The Alternative: NYX Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil - $13.00

This skin tint is very similar and lightweight. It is super buildable if you want a heavier foundation, but a couple drops also go a long way.


Haloscope - $22.00

The Alternative: Colorpop Lite Stix Highlighter - $8.00

Colorpop is back at again with the cheap dupes. They have many different colors and options for whatever kind of look you want to achieve.


Stretch Concealor - $18.00

The Alternative: No Filter Concealer - $6.50

This concealer has the same lightweight, yet buildable coverage as the glossier version. Using it is an easy way to achieve the same look.


Looking good on a budget is easy with the help of the drugstore. With these affordable products you will achieve your trendy boy beat in no time!