Freshmen Dorms as Characters from 'Friends'

Every year in mid-June, the incoming freshmen class has scrambled to decide where they want to spend their first year living on campus. Every post in the Facebook group seems to be begging for Sharp or Mo. You find yourself frantically scrolling through blogs, asking friends, and trying to figure out what the heck people mean when they say the dorms have their own personalities. Personally, now that I live in Irby, I finally really understand what it meant to be a Wall kid last year.

Although, all good things must come to an end. The class of 2022 had limited ability to choose their dorms, a new initiative put forth by admissions. Most ended up randomly assigned, never having experienced the stress we all went through. Just wait until housing selection opens in the spring, they’ll all be in for a treat. However, as the freshmen settle in, it’s clear the dorms still have upheld their traditional personalities. As always, they seem a little bit like everyone’s favorite group of friends…

Greenbaum​: Monica Geller

            Walking into Greenbaum, the combination of fluorescent lights, constant green scheme, and overwhelming aura of efficiency screams Monica. And who are we kidding, with those fancy kitchens? You can almost see Monica mixing up a meal for Joey to stop and eat on the way back from the Boot. 


Monroe: Rachel Green

            It seems that the beginning of the year is filled with as many classic Monroe Instagram dorm posts as Rachel has iconic outfits. Brick wall, sorority letters, tapestry- you’ve seen it more than a few times. Social, loved, and a bit up in the clouds- everyone loves living in Mo. The wait for the elevators though? About as long as it takes for Rachel to bring you a cup of coffee.


Sharp: Joey Tribbiani

            Always down for a party or some Boot Pizza. Don’t even ask about what weird item has been sitting in the communal bathroom for over a week now. It’s better this way.


Butler: Chandler Bing

            Ah, Butler. No one really knows the true value of this dorm until you live there. For real, as someone who didn’t live in Butler, what the heck is it like to live there? What in the world does Chandler do for a job? The world may never know, or even bother seeking to find out.


Josephine Louise: Phoebe Buffay

            Quirky. Lovable. Probably auditioned for an a capella group with their own version of Smelly Cat. Definitely hiding some weird stuff in that absurdly large closet. Absolutely out there, in location and in mindset. Just like we never really saw Phoebe’s apartment in the show, odds are you’ve probably never been in JoLo unless you live there. No shade though, those girls are all power women- just like our retired street-fiend Pheebs.


Wall: Ross. Ross Geller.

            Anyone shocked? Ross has a PhD, if you didn’t know. And Wall is where Honors kids live, if they haven’t told you about their colloquium, how nice their dorm is, and probably their ACT score too. Yes, paleontology is interesting and yes, Wall kids know how to have fun (have you SEEN the study room on a Saturday night?). And no, they didn’t do homework because they were on a break. They probably still did though. Shh.