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Favorite Study Spots

Studying is a huge part of college life–regardless of your year, major, or age, we all have to study.  I try to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible by switching up where I do my work.  Here are some of my favorite spots on or near Tulane’s campus.


If you’re feeling ~adventurous~ or just prefer to get some sun and fresh air, try working at the tables outside Freeman or the LBC!


As the business school just got a massive makeover, it’s been many students’ go-to spot to study.  The new b-school offers loads of tables, individual couch-like chairs, and group work spaces, and it’s pretty central to campus.


I don’t love doing my work in the library because I get restless and there’s not much around to look at, but when I do work in Howie-T, I always go to the top two floors–they have couches overlooking the city!


PJ’s is a great coffee-shop option that’s on campus and always has seats available.


Mojo is a great coffee shop on Freret.  Not only do they sell amazing iced teas, but it’s usually pretty calm (except they occasionally play rock music a bit too loudly!) The only downside is the busyness–unfortunately many Tulane students know about this great spot, so I’ve definitely made the mile-long trek a few times only to find all of the seats taken.

Rue de la Course

Rue de la Course is a coffee shop on South Carrollton and Oak, and has two levels of tables perfect for studying.  It’s never too crowded and the coffee is amazing.  The Wifi is iffy but that’s the only fault.

French Truck Coffee

Sensing a theme? Yes–coffee shops are my favorite places to work! This is my newest find–French Truck has not only fabulous coffee, but great food too.  They don’t have outlets, so it’s definitely not the place to spend eight hours at the day before a huge final, but it’s worth checking out!




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