The End of the Year as told by Modern Family

As the year comes to an end, only the most relatable TV family can explain how we feel!

  1. When your friends tell you that your teachers will definitely not offer extra credit
  2. When you actually go to your teacher’s office hours to ask for extra credit and they give you a weird look
  3. When you think about what you could do to survive the rest of the year without studying too much
  4. When the end of the year is here and you feel like you haven’t done anything spectacular so far, so you make a few rash decisions
  5. When your teacher assigns a last minute essay in the last week of school
  6. When you have packed all of your clothes and grab the first thing you see to wear to finals
  7. When you have a final on the last days of finals week and all of your friend have already left
  8. When you walk out of a final that you just couldn't find the time to study for
  9. When you get out of your last final and can't seem to remember what just happened to you
  10. When you finally get to go home for the summer and enjoy a study free life!