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Eating is Good!

Every person knows that New Orleans is one of the best places to eat. That being said, it is much, much too easy to overindulge.

I would love to enjoy everything New Orleans has to offer (unfortunately, this would result in a female version of Santa Clause) but this being said, the city has far too many options than I can legitimize going out to eat. However, here is a handy guide to where to go when you’re looking for something to eat for specific occasions that we college students find ourselves in.

When it’s a rainy day and you have no desire to leave your warm comfy area:
Jazmine Café (on South Carrolton) is the perfect place. They deliver straight to your dorm (I wish it could’ve been to the room, which would’ve been the icing, sprinkles and candles on top of the cake) and every single time I’ve ordered, it’s come in around 25-45 minutes. Jazmine Café is a Vietnamese restaurant which specializes in delicious hot noodle soup, and warms you up inside and gives you warm fuzzies in your heart. In my mind, they can almost do no wrong.

When it’s far too early in the morning and you’re not in the best…mentality:
Uptown, it is Camelia Grill. Their omelets are song inspiring and whatever you pick from their menu will probably convince you from here on out that breakfast…is the best meal ever (if you are not already convinced of this). Also, it’s a short walk, cab or streetcar ride away, and if you can handle it, is right next to Coldstone Creamery.

When you have quite a bit of time, and desire delicious pesto:
Good, fresh pesto can cause in some people (such as I) the worst cravings. If you’ve ever been to Fresco’s, it’s very easy to say that they might have some of the best pesto pasta ever. Hands down, ever. Their portions are large and some of the highlights of their menu are the pesto shrimp wrap and if you’re vegetarian the eggplant lavash wrap. The only caveat, the entrees take longer than you’d like, so order an appetizer for the meantime!

When you have no idea where to go on a date:

Kyoto sushi on Pyrtania street is intimate, scrumptious and best of all, very price reasonable for a date (that way, no one has to assume anything about the other person…yet). They have a very large menu, a delicious seaweed salad, and a sushi menu that never fails to disappoint. Best of all, creole creamery is right next door so you can enjoy that sweet tooth and give yourself even more time to get to know that potentially someone special.

When you want something completely different:
The Green Goddess (located downtown) is breathtaking. With an eclectic menu that showcases things from around the world and essentially whatever amazing things they decide to cook, you’ll never be disappointed. It’s one of those places where if you could order everything on the menu—you would. They’ve also got an extensive wine list so if you’re looking for that little something extra to pair with your food, this would be a great place to go. Actually, it’s always a great place to go. Always.

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