Dress to Impress For Your Job Interview

With the ending of the semester and graduation looming, internship/job interviews are in full swing and you want to dress to IMPRESS. As most of us know, first impressions are crucial in the professional world. From the perspective of employers the way that you present yourself on your interview is a reflection of how you will present yourself as an employee and colleague. Of course first impressions involve not only the way that you dress/look, but also your communication skills, preparedness, and how you carry yourself. Although impressions are not solely based on the way that you dress, the confidence that you have in your outfit oftentimes influences your confidence during the interview! The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an outfit for an interview is that it is appropriate and aligns with that specific employers dress code. The second most important thing to remember is that you want your outfit to make you feel confident and comfortable, as well as be a reflection of who you are in a professional setting.

If you’re struggling with what is deemed as appropriate/inappropriate for an interview here are some general rules of thumb to guide you: skirts and dresses should be two inches above the knee or otherwise at the/below the knee, bare shoulders are a no-no, cleavage is a no-no, heels that are above four inches are a no-no, closed-toed heels are a yes, three inch (and below) heels are a yes, structured jackets/blazers are always a yes, flat open-toed sandals are a no-no, and tight pants are a no-no. Try to also steer clear of plain cotton tees and glittery/flashy fabrics and patterns.

As a guideline here are three great looks for interview outfit inspiration:

1. An underwhelming large print pattern dress, with a structured long blazer, and neutral heels/flats:

2. Patterned and fitted cropped trouser, chiffon top in a color that is within the pant pattern, and nude heels/flats (statement necklace optional):

3. A blue pin-strip button down, khaki-colored high-waisted cropped loose fitting trousers, and black mary jane shoe (a blue structured/cropped blazer would be a nice addition to this outfit): 

Some of the best retailers to shop at for work appropriate attire (that is also affordable for college students) are: H & M, Zara, and Asos. Also look out on flash sale websites like Hautelook and Gilt for higher quality pieces for a discounted price.

Good luck and good wishes,