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The Current: Reese Witherspoon’s Embarrassing Arrest


Reese Witherspoon is admired for her stellar roles in all sorts of films, from the likes of “Cruel Intentions” to “Sweet Home Alabama” to “Water with Elephants”.  She has grown as an actress and is generally seen as a good role model—a rare thing in Hollywood these days.  That is, until her recent arrest with her husband, Jim Toth.  Toth was taken in for suspicion of driving under the influence, while Witherspoon was accused of disorderly conduct.

Allegedly, when the police officer pulled the couple over early Friday morning and questioned Toth, Witherspoon pulled the “celebrity card”.  She repeatedly harassed the policeman asking if he knew her name.  These incidents led the couple to a short stay in the slammer.

Witherspoon has since been seen on the red carpet, promoting her new indie film “Mud”.  The actress released a statement noting how embarrassed she was for her behavior after too many drinks.  Her hearing has been rescheduled for May 22 and her husband’s for May 23.  Hopefully Witherspoon’s starring role in “Legally Blonde” has prepared her for the legal action to come.

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