The Current: Amanda Bynes’ Erratic Behavior

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Amanda Bynes displayed her comedic talents at a young age, starring in my favorite television show as a child.  “The Amanda Show” showed a cute and quirky actress with the ability to make viewers of all ages laugh.  Her graduation from that show to the series “What I Like About You”, as well as movies such as “She’s the Man” and “Hairspray”, all indicated a positive trajectory that Bynes was heading in as an actress.


Bynes’ last major project was her role in the film “Easy A”.  Since then, the comedian has gone on the record claiming she retired from acting and remained generally under the radar.  She climbed back into the spotlight with a DUI arrest last April.  Some more legal troubles followed, mostly dealing with other car-related incidents.  Yet her actions were not entirely worrisome until the recent weeks.


The actress has shown completely bizarre behavior as of late.  From her physical makeover of blonde extensions and cheek piercings to her Twitter rampages, Bynes clearly wants the public to believe she is deeply troubled.  On multiple accounts, she has been photographed publicly smoking what appears to be marijuana.  A more recent incident involved the actress showing up at a gym class wearing fishnets and lingerie and being asked to leave after displaying odd actions.


Whether the actress is truly unwell or this conduct is all a part of her old comedic act, I only wish for the latter to be true.  Otherwise, Bynes may need some serious counseling before her behavior gets more out of hand.  Here’s hoping she can get back to a more stable place in her life.