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The Coolest Shopping App You Need Right Now


Here at Tulane online shopping isn’t just an addiction, it’s a lifestyle. If you can’t get to Magazine and the memory of real, live multi-storied shopping malls make you want to cry—there’s only one solution, and that solution is the World Wide Web. Sure, you probably don’t need another black crop top and a seventh pair of brown riding boots probably won’t make or break your closet, but hey, a girl’s gotta shop.

So when you get bored of scouring the same old sites, download Kwoller because it may just revolutionize the way you think of online shopping. Think: Tinder for your clothes. Think: the greatest thing that has ever happened to procrastination.

Kwoller shows you pictures of clothes and you can either swipe left or right (sound familiar?) except in this case you don’t have to worry about cheesy pick up lines or messaging that one guy you really only know from your freshman year Philosophy class and even then you only saw the back of his head. 

See, clothes don’t make things awkward. You don’t have to avoid a really good shirt around campus just because you swiped right accidentally that night after one too many happy hour drinks. They understand, and Kwoller understands. They understand so well that they even notify you when an item you liked goes on sale.

Do yourself a favor and put your swipes where they really matter—in your closet.


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