Class of 2024: What I Wish I Knew Before Starting Tulane

Starting college is SCARY and WONDERFUL! With Tulane’s Early Decision acceptances released, I thought I should share some advice with the Class of 2024. As a current sophomore, here are a few things I wish I knew before starting Tulane as a first-year student:


  1. Take advantage of Tulane Class of 2024 Facebook groups and GroupMes.

I think one of the best ways to start adjusting to college life is getting to know your incoming class. Even if you don’t feel comfortable posting in any group chats just yet, it’s still helpful stay updated if you can. People might organize meetups, ask questions, or share advice. Reaching out to people through GroupMe and social media is also a great way to make friends or find a roommate!

  1. Figure out your roommate situation early.

At Tulane, you can either select a roommate or get paired with a roommate. I chose to find a roommate through the Tulane class Facebook group, where people post bios and pictures about themselves to find a roommate. I reached out to a bunch of people I thought I would get along with, but messaged people who had some differences. I started talking to so many people who I am still friends with at school, and even found a roommate! (Bonus Rec: Meet people from different places! I’m from New York, and my roommate is from New Orleans, and it’s amazing. She knows all the best places in Nola to go to. We’re best friends and still rooming together)! If you choose to go random, keep that in mind if you plan on living in a triple (like most of the rooms in Wall, the Honors RLC). Many people who go random end up living in a triple with a pair who already chose to live together.

  1. Bring PLENTY of costumes.

There’s ALWAYS a themed party going on in Nola! Come to school with a few Halloween costumes lined up, just in case you need them. You'll need tons of wacky clothes for Mardi Gras. Bring any fun, costumey pieces you might have left over from camp or from when you were younger, because you never know when they’ll come in handy!


  1. Have a picture of yourself that you like.

One thing I wish I knew before coming to Tulane is that I would have to send in a picture of myself for various reasons. Every time the school needed a photo of me (for my ID Card, the New Student Book, or some kind of application), I found myself struggling to find a good picture. Next time you’re ~feeling yourself,~ don’t forget to take a picture and save it for when you need it!

  1. Come to move-in with a plan of attack. Here’s my move-in suggestion...

I would say first-year move-in was one of the most stressful days as a Tulane student. Students and parents are rushing around, you will be nervous and excited, and there is a good chance you forgot to buy something important. Try to have an organized POA before getting to your dorm. I would recommend cleaning the entire room first. This way, you have a clean slate to start unpacking, and you will feel more comfortable in a clean space. Second, make your bed. Making your bed will make the whole room feel like home, and the rest of the unpacking will come secondary. I would also recommend making your bed early on, so it can stay clean before you get dusty and sweaty. Next, put your rug down, if you brought one. And remember: it will all get unpacked eventually! Don’t stress it!


Hopefully this little handbook will make your college transition a little bit easier. While beginning your first year is certainly an adjustment, you will love your new life as a Tulanian in no time. Congrats to the incoming Class of 2024! ROLL WAVE!!