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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

So you did it. You finally convinced your brother/sister/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin/friend of friend/etc. to come down to NOLA. You have your days all planned out with plenty of visits to the French Market and Bourbon Street. But what about food? Friends visiting (especially those of the college variety) is a much different experience than having parents coming to town. So what do you do when Commander’s Palace and Delmonico aren’t on your cash flow radar? You bring your friends to some great cheap eats!

1. Ba Chi Canteen

If you’re looking for quick, close, and cheap Vietnemese food, look no further than Ba Chi. Located on Maple Street, it is about a 10 minute walk from Tulane. Try the Bacos (Vietnemese tacos) for a cheap meal. Order three to make it a meal, or one for an appetizer. Each Baco will run you about $2.00. Another delicious option is the Pho.

2. Dat Dog

A trip to Dat Dog is an eye opening experience. While the dogs are expensive for hot dogs, they are quite affordable in terms of how full they get you. Guests love the cool atmosphere and outdoor seating. For a walking trip, head down to Freret. To give your vistors the full New Orleans experience (and transfer from streetcar to bus about three times), take the streetcar down to Magazine. If you and your guests are of age, you can choose from a great selection of beer to wash down your meal.

3. Nirvana

Head down to Nirvana on Magazine on either a Thursday or a Sunday night (or any afternoon) for a $9.95 all you can eat buffet. All you can eat. What college student does not like these words? Also, it is one of the greatest Indian restaurants that I have been to in New Orleans.

4. Camellia Grill

A true NOLA classic, wow your guests with a trip to the original Camellia Grill. The better-than-diner menu is sure to have something to please everyone. Plus, you get the experience of watching your food be cooked in front of you, and making some new friends along the way.

5. Juan’s Flying Burrito

Juan’s is perfect for when you’re craving a great burrito at a reasonable price. Stop in and grab a chicken or shrimp burrito for less than $10. Once again, if you are of age, try one of their famous margaritas. 

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