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Brianna Malyn, President of Phi Mu

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

What year are you? Where are you from? What’s your major??
I am a junior and I’ve lived all over the country, but grew up mostly in Livonia, Michigan, and I am a Psychology major with an English minor.
What are Phi Mu’s colors/icons?:
Phi Mu’s colors are Rose and White, our symbol is the quatrefoil, our flower is the rose colored carnation, and our mascot is Sir Fidel the lion. He is named after our motto “Les Soeurs Fideles”, which means “the faithful sisters.”

What philanthropy is Phi Mu associated with?
Our national philanthropy is the Children’s Miracle Network, and we volunteer locally at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans.

When is your term as president going to be and how did you decide to run?
I began my term in January 2011, and will serve through the end of December. Before I was elected President, I was Phi Mu’s Social Chair. As Social Chair I really enjoyed being a part of Phi Mu’s Executive Board as well as collaborating with other Greek organizations to plan events, and it was the opportunity to take those two aspects to the next level that motivated me to run for President.

What are some of your tasks as President?
Each of our officers has a very specific job relating to one of the many aspects of our organization. My job is to be constantly looking at “the big picture”, making sure all of those various aspects are fitting together and balancing out the way that they should.

How do you think you’ll be in involved with Phi Mu after you graduate?
?Phi Mu has great Alumnae Chapters all over the country, I look forward to joining one wherever I end up. I would also love to volunteer with a chapter as an Adviser!

What is your favorite part about being in your sorority?
We pride ourselves on our genuine sisterhood and love for one another. I know that no matter what I am going through, over a hundred sixty women have my back. That’s a pretty amazing feeling, that’s what being in a sorority is really all about.

Are you involved in any other campus activities?
I’ve worked at the Reily Center since I started at Tulane Freshman year.

Catherine Combs is a Tulane University Alumna, who majored in Communications and Political Science. She  has always had a soft spot for books, writing, and anything Chanel. When not searching for the final touches to her latest outfit idea, she can be found reading.