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The Best Things to do During Halloween in NOLA

Since this city literally had a festival dedicated to celebrating the awesomeness of fried chicken, obviously we all know that New Orleans goes HARD for Halloween. Since some people are trying to remember their Halloween festivities, I’ve separated the different events into 2 different categories: Family-Friendly and ~Not~ Family Friendly. I think we all get the difference. SO, here we go!

Family Friendly

  1. Ghosts in the Oaks (http://neworleanscitypark.com/events/ghost-in-the-oaks): Your traditional Halloween/generic fall activities fair. Rides, trick-or-treating, pumpkin picking and other fun things that you’re embarrassed to admit you still love over age 12 (but…we all still do love them…right?) Also, it’s at City Park which is always really beautiful, and all the proceeds go towards its upkeep!
  2. Krewe of Boo (http://www.kreweofboo.com): Mardi Gras in October!!! New Orleans’ official Halloween Parade, as of 2007. How did no one think to combine these two sooner…Either way, it’s downtown, and the people in the parade always have dope costumes and they throw cool things like cups and stickers and other fun things. Technically the weekend before Halloween (October 22nd), so it’s a way to kick off the Halloween season.
  3. Voodoofest (http://voodooshop.com/voodoofest.html): Not to be confused with the Voodoo Music Festival, see below, this is actually a festival dedicated to the religion of Voodoo, and its contributions to the culture of New Orleans. Also, it’s free, so why not take an opportunity to learn about a religion you most likely know little to nothing about?


~Not So Family Friendly~

  1. Voodoo Music and Arts Experience (http://www.voodoofestival.com): Arguably the best music festival in New Orleans (fight me Jazz Fest and Buku), Voodoo is the most expensive thing on this list. But with acts this year like The Chainsmokers, Arcade Fire, The Weeknd, and many, many more, it’s sure to be an amazing weekend. Even if you don’t go this year, make it a priority to make it there at some point. For real. It’s awesome.
  2. Brews and Boos (http://neworleanscitypark.com/events/brews-and-boos): Basically an after-party for Voodoo, $30 gets you unlimited rides, open beer bar, and free jello shots at City Park’s amusement park. And…I’m going…so see you there ;)
  3. Uptown Bar Crawl (https://www.facebook.com/events/537786769755530): The description of this event literally says “Sick of Frenchman? Stay Uptown and get lit!”. That’s really all you need to know.
  4. Frenchman Street: A true NOLA classic, Frenchman Street turns into one huge block party during Halloweekend. This is where you’ll find the best costumes, bars that you rarely go to, and there’s a Dat Dog. What else could you want?!?!? 
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