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Best of New Orleans: Best Desserts in Town

Forget about the Freshman 15 or the Tulane 20. Sometimes after a week of tests, projects, and work, there’s nothing more therapeutic than devouring way too much Ben and Jerry’s or ordering the biggest, most chocolate-y dessert on the menu. Whether you’ve got a huge sweet tooth or tend to gravitate towards the more healthy post-dinner options, there’s something on this list that will make even the study guide for a cumulative final in your hardest class seem bearable. We live in a city known as home to some pretty amazing cuisine…it would be a crime not to take advantage of it!

Creole Creamery
4924 Prytania Street

Honestly, who doesn’t love ice cream? Take a look at the list of flavors and even the most health conscious among us will be tempted by Cheesecake or Dark Chocolate Peppermint Toffee flavored deliciousness. Really, really love ice cream? Try the Tchoupitoulas Challenge–8 scoops of ice cream with 8 toppings in one sitting! If you finish it you get to see you’re name up on the wall forever.

The Kupcake Facotory
6233 S. Claiborne Ave

Of course they’ve got all the classics, but who could possibly resist a pina colada gourmet cupcake or a peanut butter and jelly flavored delicious treat? One of their locations is situated within walking distance from campus so it’s perfect for a post-work treat or celebratory birthday gift.

Anything on the dessert menu at Herbsaint
701 St Charles Ave

The banana brown butter tart with fleur de sel caramel is arguably one of the best things I’ve ever had in New Orleans. They’re dessert menu rivals their dinner one for being filled with amazing options–this is a place that every foodie has to try at least once. If you go with a big group, absolutely insist on taking a bite of everyone’s order. I just might casually suggest that someone get the chocolate mousse and someone choose the homemade sorbet of the day!

Milkshakes at Frost Stop
3100 Calhoun St

Most people would be content after at trip to Filipe’s but for those of us who always have room for dessert, I would definitely recommend a brief detour for a chocolate or vanilla milkshake. When it’s a perfect 70 degrees out and you’re walking back to campus to finally start that essay you’ve been dreading, you’re gonna need something sweet to make sitting in front of your laptop for the foreseeable future enjoyable. 

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