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Bark Madness: Which Dog Breed Is The Cutest???

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

Bark Madness

Every sports fan this time of year is going nuts about college basketball.But what about the most important competition of all? It is now time to find out……which dog breed is the cutest!! This is (*cue theme music*) BARK MADNESS!

Meet our contenders:


THE PUG: This dog is a classic little cutie. From it’s adorable face wrinkles to it’s curled little tail, the pug is a definite player for cutest dog breed. It can be a little slobbery, but it is friendly and clearly knows how to party Tulane style.

Famous pug owners: Gerard Butler and Paris Hilton

THE AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD: This happy little pup has it’s own characteristics that put it in the running for cutest dog breed. Australian Shepherds are very fluffy and cuddly, and that tri-color coat is to die for. Look at that face, how could anyone resist it?

Famous Australian Shepherd owners: Mel Gibson and Amanda Seyfried


THE HUSKY: The husky is famous for piercing eyes and a big heart. We love the big fluffy coat and the striking black, grey, and white fur. Huskies love the snow and are classic sled dogs. Does anyone else remember the movie Balto? Or Snow Dogs?

Famous husky owner: Miley Cyrus

THE CORGI: With short legs, a long body, and a very happy face, the corgi is a true cutie. The corgi is very fluffy with perky ears and a wiggly little butt. It is happy anywhere on Earth as long as someone is showing it some love.

Famous corgi owner: Queen Elizabeth II of England

THE BULLDOG: While there are a couple variations of the bulldog, we chose the traditional English one for our competition. This sleepy little guy is a wrinkly wonder of whom we can’t get enough! Who wouldn’t love a face like that?

Famous bulldog owners: Brad Pitt and David Beckham

THE MALTESE: This dog is a strong contender in the cutest dog competition. Look at that face, that tail, those tiny paws. The maltese’s white, fluffy fur and small size make it a great snuggler and they’re easy to take with you.

Famous maltese owners: Halle Berry and Elizabeth Taylor

THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER: This pup is a dog breed classic. Friendly, furry, and fun, the golden retriever digs a hole in all of our hearts. It’s shaggy fur, wagging tail, and long tongue make it an ideal best friend for men and women alike.

Famous golden retriever owners: Jackie Chan and Oprah Winfrey


After much deliberation (and a lot of arguing between me and my roommate) golden retrievers take home the gold from this year’s Bark Madness. If you’re upset that your team didn’t make it, don’t worry, there’s always next year. Congratulations to the golden retriever! You are the cutest dog breed!

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