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The Bachelor: Final Countdown

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

As all of you fanatics of “The Bachelor” already know, Monday aired the final episode of Sean’s season. This finale is one episode that I think all Bachelor fans were anxiously awaiting…I know I was! This season has been acclaimed as one of the most shocking and drama-filled yet. So, now that we finally found out whether or not Sean found his wife in either of his final two ladies, lets take a quick minute to recap just why this season has been so notable.

  1. Sean Lowe: The Bachelor himself. America was first introduced to Sean on Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette,” and, although Sean could not win Emily’s heart, he certainly won the hearts of countless women across America. Not only is Sean very easy on the eyes, but he also possesses genuine traditional values and is longing to find his wife and best friend with whom to share their own family. It was no shock that woman across the country would love to follow Sean on his journey as the next Bachelor. 
  2. Tierra: From the very first moment that Tierra stepped out of the limo on the very first night, she was drama. Viewers watched in awe as Sean gave Tierra the first rose before they had even spoken a word to one another, something never seen before on the show. Since that night Tierra seemed to have a target on her back with the other women. Tierra provided the rest of the season with some of the craziest drama among the woman of any bachelor season yet!
  3. The Final Two: As an avid Bachelor fan, I always have the most fun on the very first episode trying to pick and choose who I think will stick around, and who will ultimately be proposed to by the Bachelor. I can confidently say that this season was most shocking to me as to who remains as the final two women. First, there’s Lindsay. Most viewers remember her as the crazy girl who showed up on the first night in a wedding dress. She made an instant impression on Sean when she stumbled out of the limo and recited her first words to Sean of,  “you may now kiss the bride…” As the season went on however, Lindsay did remain a forerunner and remained pretty emotionally stable. Next, is Catherine. Catherine and Sean do seem to be a pretty compatible, fun-loving, pair. However, it’s shocking that Catherine remains as one of the final two. Catherine was pretty looked over for more than half of the season while it seemed that Sean was making greater connections with other women. Though likable, Catherine remained rather unnoticeable until the last batch of episodes. Both are fun-loving girls with a sense of humor who seem to possess the same values as Sean in terms of family.


Though this season was definitely a roller coaster ride, it seems that Sean has found happiness with both of his final women. For the first time in a while, Sean seems to be a Bachelor with the most authentic of intentions. So, we can only hope he finds the wife he has been looking for. The question remained on Sunday night as Lindsay, or Catherine… personally, I could not decide! 

Update: Catherine was chosen as The Bachelor winner. After much thought, Sean Lowe decided that he would propose to the Seattle native. She said yes and now we’re all left wondering if we’ll be able see the wedding. Contestant Desiree was also chosen as the next Bachelorette. Dez, the fun loving California girl won America’s heart on the show and will definitely be a hit next season.

JoEllen is a senior at Tulane University where she is majoring in Philosophy and Psychology. She is particularly active with the Tulane chapter of Relay for Life and spent last summer studying abroad in Bali, Indonesia, where she hopes to move some day. JoEllen loves writing, eating delicious Cajun and Creole food, and exploring the city of New Orleans.