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Alyssa’s Likes & Loathes

The one thing I hate more than anything, more than leggings-as-pants, more than poor grammar, more than Tulane taking away our Spring Break this year, is being cold.  I’ve checked my thesaurus, and there is no word to properly grasp the extreme hatred I have for the man known as Jack Frost.

It is nearly impossible for me to get out of bed and go to class on a cold morning, especially when I have the pleasure of feeling the cold air seep in through the closed windows of my dorm room.  I don’t know what it is about being cold that gets to me, but I become a royal B word to everyone and have a drain on my motivational silo so big I’d swear I was feeding King Ranch’s entire livestock population.
Growing up in Central Texas I was pretty safe from him. We’d get the occasional snow flurries every few years but nothing that really ever stuck. The one exception to that was an Easter during high school that it snowed a good 4 inches and stuck. Even then however, the temperatures the very next week were back in the 70’s.
I figured going to school in New Orleans would afford me the same luxury. Wrong. The “storm of the century” has hit and nearly two-thirds of the nation was affected according to the National Weather Service. Just my luck.
The only things I found that really get me through cold are the following:

  1. PJ’s White Hot Chocolate
  2. My Snuggie
  3. Knowing that the weather will change back within 48 hours
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