Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the Powerful Figure We Need in 2019

    The recent midterm elections were revolutionary for Americans because Congress is now composed of more women and minorities than ever before, and, if this trend continues, our government will be changed for the better because of increased representation. Alexandria Osasio-Cortez is a particularly revolutionary addition to the 116th Congress, as she has already suggested radical changes and inspired Democratic Party leadership to take action in 2020 by adopting a more radical platform. As the next presidential election approaches, it is becoming increasingly necessary for strong party leadership on both sides to emerge. In recent years, there has been fighting within party lines because a two-party system encourages extremism and leaves little room for compromises or change. In order to regain control over the executive branch, Democrats must unite their base, reconstruct their outdated establishment, and create unflinching support for a popular candidate. Republicans in 2016 were motivated by Trump because he broke down stereotypes and was an extremist. In 2020, Democrats need a similarly radical candidate. The current party establishments do not encourage change, and all citizens must be reminded to not be complicit. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s rise to success should serve as a reminder to every American that the structure of our country allows individuals to stand up and make a change against all odds. 

    At 29, Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest woman to be elected to Congress, and she actively takes stereotypes used against her and references them comedically to show her true inner-strength as a woman. She was raised in a Catholic, Puerto Rican family in the Bronx, attended Boston University to study economics and international relations, and was elected to the House of Representatives for the 14th District of New York. Prior to her election, she worked as a bartender. Due to her gender, economic status, and race, Ocasio-Cortez has had to overcome numerous obstacles to be taken seriously as a candidate. Because of this and her young age, she is commonly referred to as uninformed; however, that is far from the truth. An individuals age does no speak to how informed they are; rather, the younger someone is, the more likely they are to take action on a controversial stance and make substantive change in our society. Her campaign posters were inspired by popular revolution models because of her desire to inspire members of her district. In order to even make it to the midterm election, she had to challenge ten-year incumbent Joe Crowley. It is an incredible feat that she was able to secure her seat because both Crowley and her Republican competitor's campaigns were given more air-time and recieved more funding. Ocasio-Cortez is undeniable proof that the hard work and dedication behind grass-roots candidates is successful. Similar energy will continue to surface because of her victory. Her presence is continuing to grow, and she now has a larger following than Nancy Pelosi. 


    While Ocasio-Cortez has not had traditional political experience, she is far from being an unqualified Congresswoman. Prior to her position, she was the Northeast Collegiate World Series for the National Hispanic Institute’s educational director in 2017. Her career as a bartender adds to her relatable credibility with her constituents. She is breaking down political barriers and normalizing the definition of an elected official. Regardless of party lines, it is rather undeniable that career politicans tend to make moderate decisions that lead to slow-moving change-if any at all.

    Although she has only been in office for less than a month, she has proven to be an active member. Ocasio-Cortez has already co-sponsored a repeal for the PAYGO Act, been elected to the House Financial Services Committee, and been chosen to serve on the House Oversight Committee to investigate the Trump Administration. Additionally, she is unafraid to stand up to powerful establishments. She called out Trump's racist comments about immigrants and has stated numerous times that she is willing to hold him accountable for his volatile words. Her primary concern at this moment is labelled the "Green New Deal", and she is working on this with Ed Markey of Massachusetts. This deal's revenue will go towards job creation, emission reductions, green infrastructure, and evironmental reform by placing a 70% marginal tax on all income over 10million dollars. Although it is not yet complete, this platform has already been adopted by many democratic candidates running in 2020. In addition to this plan, Ocasio-Cortez has future plans to create medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee, family leave, and free public college.

Because of her background and passionate base, Ocasio-Cortez is the perfect inspiration for future political leaders in this country.