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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tulane chapter.

The Bachelor is one of the most beloved franchises and they are in the middle of airing their 24th season. Although many people love the show, there are just as many people who hate it. Despite whether you love it or hate it, everyone is always talking about it when it is airing.


It has become a joke nowadays that Chris Harrison says this season is going to be “the most dramatic season yet”. Every. Single. Season. For Colton it was the fence jump that they hung over our heads for every single week until the second to last episode. For Peter, the current bachelor, we have yet to find out. In my opinion, so far, this season has been dramatic, but the drama is too stupid for even me, the ultimate bachelor fan, to get behind. 


Two episodes ago, we had #champagnegate. To set the scene, Kelsey brought a fancy bottle of champagne that she has been saving for a “special” moment with someone special, AKA Peter. Then another contestant, Hannah Ann accidentally opened Kelseys champagne with Peter. Hannah Ann had a seat-up go her own but claims she didn’t know about Kelsey’s plans. Kelsey then went crazy. I understand where Kelsey is coming from because Dom Perignon is a fancy bottle of champagne and I’d be upset if I can’t drink it too, but to hysterically cry and make a scene in front of the man you’re trying to date and another girl he is currently dating was never going to bode well for her. 


From a hardcore viewer’s standpoint, I have a strong feeling that producers purposely set up two very similar looking champagne bottles. Producers then either told Hannah Ann to go to the wrong one, or she did accidentally go to the wrong one. Hannah Ann became very upset and cried that she’s not a champagne stealer. I’m sitting here thinking that I feel stupid for even writing about this champagne fiasco. 


The most recent episode, there was a fight between two girls who I hadn’t even heard of until this episode. This fight obviously happened off-camera first because I was confused about where this fight came from. Sydney and Alayah were fighting because people thought Alayah was being fake (or faker than usual) when the cameras were turned on. There was no real problem, but Sydney just had a bad “feeling” from Alayah. Producers even added a clip of her voice going up three octaves when she says hi to someone. Peter then asked many of the girls their thoughts on Alayah and mainly all of them agreed with Sydney. Peter then decided to send her home, but spoiler alert: she’ll be back! Not like it even matters though, these girls don’t seem like they are going to go much further in the show.


Another thing to mention is the Revolve group date, which is probably one of the smartest things this show has ever done. Not only did Revolve get a great amount of publicity, but they were able to scout out who they want to model for them when they get kicked off the show because that’s what most of the girls are there for anyways. 


I know that the season is not far along, but if they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for this drama I can only imagine what’s to come. Although, I will give the show the benefit of the doubt and continue watching because next week’s promo actually looks good.  

Carlie Littman Roslyn, NY Junior
Her Campus Tulane