8 Things To Do In 80 Degrees

It has officially hit 80 degrees in New Orleans so you can stop texting your friends in your groupchat asking if they’re wearing shorts or pants. The sun is out and you should be too. So, here is a list of 8 things to do in 80 degrees to enjoy the New Orleans sun.

1. Go On A Walk In Audubon Park

Grab your Airpods or a friend and go to Audubon Park, right across from Tulane’s campus. It has a 1.8-mile circular jogging path that takes you through the park to see all the beautiful views. You can walk, jog, run or bike along the path and there are sometimes food trucks that make for perfect pit stops if your lucky.

2. Get Snowballs From Plum St. Snowballs

A 5-minute walk from Tulane's campus, and worth every minute of it. Plum St. Snowballs has authentic, New Orleanian snowballs in every and any flavor you could possibly think of. It’s a great activity and way to cool off on a hot day. That is until your red, cherry snowball stains your white shirt.


3. Lay Out On The Quad

Class? Who is she? The lush, green quads are calling your name. Bring a towel, speaker and your squad to any quad on Tulane’s campus to take in the New Orleans sun. 


4. Go To A Rooftop With A Pool

The Drifter and Ace Hotel are two popular rooftops Tulane students populate on a sunny Saturday. Both locations have pools, bars and overlook the city of New Orleans. So get your bikini, shades and treat yourself to a fun, pool day.


5. Picnic At The Fly

Contrary to popular belief of Tulane students, Fridays are not the only day for The Fly. Located in Avenger Park, right on the water, The Fly is the perfect spot for a picnic blanket, music, cheese board and most importantly, good company.


6. Convince Your Professors To Have Class Outside

I have successfully mastered this one. I have somehow managed to have all my classes outside. Plan A: start off by asking politely, “Can we please have class outside today? It’s so nice out.” Sometimes this works, but if not there are 25 more letters in the alphabet. Plan B: “It will be good for our learning to be outside with the fresh air.” Plan C: “I had a few of my other classes outside.” Plan D: *get on your hands and knees and start begging*

7. Bacchanal 

This is the ultimate spot for live music, chill vibes with plenty of outdoor seating and hanging lines of lights. There is an array of wine and cheese to choose from along with delicious tapas, make sure to get the cacio e pepe. It's the perfect spot for a first date or girls night out. 

8. Festivals

There are so many outdoor festivals in New Orleans centered around music, food and New Orleans culture. Make sure to buy your tickets before they sell out! 

With snowball season in full swing, there are not enough hours in the day to truly take in the beautiful New Orleans weather. With that being said, take these ideas into consideration to make the most of the time you have.