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8 Snacks from Your Childhood that You Wish You Had in Your Dorm

8 Snacks From Your Childhood You Wish You Had in Your Dormroom


Easy Mac, Granola Bars & Ramen. Among the many snack staples most college students reach for when they’re feeling munchy. It’s 2015 but let’s bring it back to the 90’s and early 2000s when your childhood snack cabinet was in it’s prime. Sugary Cereals, rice krispy treats for miles, eggo waffles. Life was so good then. While you may think you’ve got your dorm snacks down, here are some of your childhood fav’s you may have forgotten about. 

1. Dunkaroos 

AKA: That rainbow speckled frosting that you devoured before you got to the graham cracker teddy bears.

2. Baby Bottle Pops

Sport that blue tongue. Go you.


3. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

Don’t pretend you didn’t eat the whole roll at once.

4. Ritz Cheese and stick packs

The cheese was so orange yet so good. 



5. Cosmo Brownies


6. Fruit by the foot

The snack that never ends… Until it does and then you just eat another one.

7. Gushers

Tbh this is the only “fruit” we ate from ages 5-10.

8. Sprinklin Yogurt

remember when we put candy in our yogurt? Me too. Those were the days.

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