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7 Local Fashion Blogs You’ll Love



Check out these fashion forward fellow New Orleanians and their awesome blogs! These ladies have some killer style and aren’t afraid to flaunt it all around the 504. So go ahead and peruse their posts, and you’ll find yourself loving their unique tastes and undeniable southern charm.


1) http://blog.theelizabethchronicles.com/


These two gals have such cute looks that complement each other perfectly, making them a quintessential power duo with an irresistibly quaint blog.


2) http://ouiwegirl.com/


Andi’s effortlessly sophisticated style is one of a kind! And you gotta love the touch of French flair.


3) http://kategracebauer.tumblr.com/


The chic simplicity of this blog makes it an instant favorite. Plus, her pug Miles is such a babe.


4) http://www.missmalaprop.com/


The indie, quirky vibe of this blog is so much fun! The content is always diverse and attention grabbing.


5) http://www.10thirteen.com/


This blog is full to the brim with class and personality. I love its design as a whole.


6) http://elegancebyelizabethkay.blogspot.com/


True to its name, this blog is about as elegant as they come. Elizabeth’s photos and commentary on life and fashion are high quality and interesting.


7) http://www.slowsouthernstyle.com/


It’s impossible not to smile as you scroll through Christy’s entertaining posts. You won’t be able to get enough of this blog’s southern charisma.


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