5 Ways Junior Year is Different from Sophomore Year

    In reality, there’s only one summer separating sophomore and junior year. So why does it feel like an eternity ago that we were dorm-residing, frat-party-attending, planner-wielding sophomores? The truth is, the college culture paradigm is massively shifted once you become an upperclassmen-- in short, WE’RE OVER IT. Even though only a few short months separate the women from the girls (sorry, sophs) it feels like your entire coffee-soaked world is turned upside down. Suddenly, things that used to mean everything just don’t matter anymore (heels for a frat party, are you kidding me?!?!?!?!). The differences are infinite, but there are 5 major changes between sophomore and junior year that make all the difference. Read on to figure out why junior year is more confusing than a department-wide calc final.


1. Dressing up to go out? Over it.

     Norts to the bar? We salute you.  



2. Freshman boys are basically babies. 

    Gone are the days when you could hit on freshman without feeling like a creep. 

3. The dining hall you thought was so terrible? You’re going to miss it. 

    Questionable fried chicken is a heck of a lot better than rice for the 8th night in a row.


4. You need a pep talk to enter a packed bar or party. 

     How the f was I ever so stoked to be this sweaty? 



   Need I say more?