5 Reasons why Tailgating with my Parents was Lit AF

5 Reasons why tailgating with my parents was lit AF

1. I got to show them my school spirit. Tailgates are exciting because everyone is wearing school apparel and cheering for my team. All the students and parents were full of energy and were so excited to be there. Having my parents’ rep Tulane clothing was exciting (especially because they both went to a different school).


2. They got to meet all my friends. Everyone at school goes to the tailgate, and at a school the size of Tulane, it isn’t very hard to find people. When walking from tent to tent with my parents, it was inevitable not to run into everyone you know. I got to introduce them to new friends, as well as hangout with old ones. My parents were so excited to meet all the new friends, and of course forced me to take pictures with nearly everyone we spoke to.


3. Drinking with my parents was great time. At home the rules are stricter than at college. They know drinking happens, they know it’s part of the experience, so when they came to visit, they knew exactly what was going to happen. Drinking alcoholic beverages with my parents was a bonding experience, and will definitely be one for the books.


4. I got to show my parents my fraternity boy crushes. Tailgates are pretty much a free for all mixer. Anyone can go into any tent, which means attempting to point out my future husband wasn’t too difficult. Tailgates are loud and crazy, so my “not so subtle” subtle attempts were under the radar. Of course as parents they encouraged me to go talk to them and be a normal person, which I needed to hear.


5. Proving that paying $60,000 tuition is completely worth it. I mean come on, for a school that has a sub-par football team, the school shows some amazing school spirit. They had the chance to see me surrounded by students that are extremely smart and invested in school, but also know how to have a good time. They got to see how happy I am around my friends, and watch me light up while talking about my school.


For anyone questioning whether it would be weird to tailgate with your parents, let me tell you, it’s not. It is fun, it is silly, and it is one of those experiences that you will never forget.