5 Hilarious Things That Happen When a Younger Sibling Parties With You



The 5 (Hilarious) things that happen when you party with a younger sibling



1. Your friends treat them like their own. Everyone sticks together when they go out, even more so when siblings are involved. Everyone wants to make sure the kid has the best night ever, but also keep a close eye to make sure nothing bad happens. If they disappear for half of a second, there will be at least three people frantically looking for them.


2. The sibling WILL try to get with your friends, but won’t ever succeed. Parties become a mosh pit of sweat, drinks and hormones. For someone who has never seen this before, this clusterfuck is heaven. Everyone’s dancing and having a good time (so college, right?). They will ask you to find them a boy/girl and if that doesn’t work out, they resort to attempting to get with your friends (you’re a trooper Jane).


3. You never realized how awkward of a dancer they were. Yes, most people aren’t amazing at dancing, but this is a new level. The fist in the air, jumping up and down actions aren’t particularly swift. However, the sibling firmly believes it will get the job done. You will worry that maybe you look that awkward while dancing too because you’re related. 


4. When you tell them it’s time to go, the sibling gets upset until they realize you’re just going to another party. The selection of parties will blow their mind. Contrary to high school, there are a million things to do at night. The night doesn’t have to end until you’re ready for it to.


5. They will learn to LOVE elevated surfaces. First of all, who doesn’t? They are an awesome way to see who is at the party, and who is dancing with whom. Also, you pretty much feel like you’re Beyoncé on stage with a million fans. For a younger sibling experiencing this for the first time, it’s glory.



Having a sibling visit you in college is awesome. It’s funny and entertaining, but also something that occurs rarely. Enjoy the night, be responsible, and don’t fall off the table.