5 Acoustic YouTube Covers Better than the Orignial


5 Acoustic YouTube Covers that are Better than the Originals


Are you sitting in your dorm room again wishing you could just pull a Hannah Montana and be a famous popstar already? You're over your calc homework, I get it. Take a break and listen to these dreamy acoustic youtube covers that will make transport you into another world. Some might say they are even better than the originals...You can be the judge and get your music on. 

1. Passenger Let Her Go- Birdy Cover

Yes, Passenger is already as dreamy and british as anyone could have ever wanted but there is something about this world-famous 18 year old's voice that will strike a chord, I promise you.

2. Taylor Swift Blank Space/ Style Mash-Up - Louisa Wendorff Cover

This cover took over the internet a few months back, even earning a shout out by Tswift herself. Yes. It's seriously that good.

3. Childish Gambino Telegraph Ave/Sober Mash-Up - Daniela Andrade

If you have a soft spot for soft voices and don't want to admit it, give this cover a listen. No one will blame you for melting at the sound of this girl's tone.

4. Cher Believe- Ella Henderson XFactor Cover

While this cover is technically property of the British singing show X Factor UK and doesn't feature Ella sitting in her bedroom playing the piano, it is all the same powerful and amazing. Go ahead, watch it again..... and again..... and again. What does the original sound like again?

5. Charli XCX Boom Clap- Lennon and Maisy Cover

If you haven't heard of lennon and maisy get ready to actually feel like you've done nothing with your life. These sisters (16 and 13) are unreal.