4 Netflix Originals You Should Be Watching

Ahhh, Netflix. Everyone’s go-to for all TV show and movie watching needs. While they offer a huge range of options that you can also find elsewhere, Netflix’s own content is pretty amazing, too. Here are some shows (plus a documentary) that you should definitely add to your watch list ASAP.

  1. Queer Eye I feel like everyone and their mother has heard of this show, but if not, it’s a reboot of the British show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Basically, 5 gay men (appropriately called the Fab Five) help give a generally disheveled-looking guy the makeover of a lifetime in each episode. They give the lucky individual advice about style, hair, cooking, and even redesign their entire house. Every episode is entertaining throughout, and some are heartwarming enough to make you shed a few tears. Seriously though, I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t like this show.
  2. American Vandal This mockumentary-type series is essentially a high school whodunnit case. Aspiring filmmaker Peter tries to help prove the innocence of Dylan, who has been accused of spray painting teachers’ cars with um...interesting images (you’ll just have to see for yourself). The series is an awesome commentary about justice and secrets within a high school setting and is sure to entertain people with a wide variety of watching preferences.
  3. Derren Brown: The PushThis is probably my favorite Netflix Original that I’ve seen to date. The documentary (a quick watch- only a bit over an hour) is essentially the infamous Milgram study, but on a much larger scale. As a psychology major (and huge nerd) it was super interesting to see the target struggle with the orders given to him, which start as no biggie, but quickly escalate. It’s pretty insane but brings up some interesting questions about the limits of the human psyche and ethics in research.
  4. MindhunterAnother show that appealed to my psychology-obsessed brain. Seriously, everyone who has watched this show told me I have to see it. And now I’m telling you that you have to see it. This 10-episode series takes places in the 1970s and follows a detective (played by the legendary Jonathan Groff- shoutout to my fellow Hamilton fans) who interviews some of the most twisted serial killers in history. The best part is that all of these criminals are real people and you can read up on their horrifying crimes for yourself. I wouldn’t exactly call it a fun activity, but it’s definitely an interesting rabbit hole to go down.