39 Reasons to Never Leave New Orleans

1) Because it's a real-life Disneyland.

2) Because our streets look like this.

3) And our houses look like this.

4) And this.

5) Because St. Charles is one of the most beautiful streets in the world.

6) Because a walk or run through Audubon Park solves all.

7) And then you can eat all the calories you just burned on this.

8) This.

9) And then top it all off with this.

10) And if you're still hungry (doubtful), this.

11) If food isn't your thing, you've come to the wrong city. Just kidding. Kind of. But you can check out our live music scene here.

12) Here.

13) Here.

14) Or even here.

15) Because Halloween is just a mini Mardi Gras.

16) Because actual Mardi Gras.

17) Because Mardi Gras again.

18) And again. Sorry, but your Mardi Gras-themed parties don't even hold a candle.

19) Because carnival season doesn't just apply to Mardi Gras.

20) Because when your friends at other schools are complaing about the snow, you're doing this at the Fly.

21) Because our art markets are magical.

22) As are our music festivals.

23) This, too.


24) Also this one.

25) And our festivals in general.

26) Because there's always a reason to celebrate.

27) Or yell "WHO DAT?!"

28) Because you can meet an alligator.

29) Or take a tour of the city's haunted history.

30) Because you can spend days wandering through the city's museums.

31) And when you (inevitably) can't take the heat, you can jump in a pool like this.

32) Because open container laws are not a thing.

33) Because you can't find Abita outside of Louisiana.

34) Because drinking on patios or listening to dueling pianos is more fun.

35) Because where else can you get a drive-thru daiquiri?

36) Because you know what it means to miss New Orleans.

37) Because no matter where you go, this city becomes a part of you.

38) Because come hell or high water...

39) ...You will always be a New Orleanian.