3 Ways to Incorporate Runway Trends into Formal Season

To the average Tulane student, the last month of school is filled with sunshine and diminishing stress. The weather is finally warming up to NOLA standards, and classes are (hopefully) winding down. Yet for us in Greek life, the end of the semester means one thing: Formal Season. Choosing the right formal date can be extremely stressful in itself, and when you throw in the decision of which dress to wear, you can end up in a panic.

Here are 3 trendy dress ideas to ease your dress-picking pain. They stem straight from major Spring 2014 runway trends, so no matter what, you’ll be looking hot and ready to handle anything that comes your way. Happy formal-ing!

1. Fun with Pastels 

Pastels are back this season in a bold new way. Freshened up with shades of pink, or seen in classic hues, these subtle colors are sure to make you fit the spring-time mood.  Choose one in a daring shape, such as this Helix Dress from Nasty Gal. If you’re feeling more modest, this fit-n-flare pastel dress is a great option as well.

2. Black and White Basics

It’s an unspoken rule of fashion that every girl should have a Little Black Dress, or LBD in her closet.

Black is versatile, easy and always in style. This spring, the LBD gets a lot of help from it’s polar opposite- white. The black-and-white combo seen all over runways this season is chic and simple. Chose a dress with a deep neckline to follow trend in a daring way, or this more simple option from Revolve Clothing.

3. Heavy Metal 

Metal is another trend that never seems to go out of style. Shine bright at your formal and make a statement! I’m loving this bold metallic party dress, which will give any girl a great curve. This Forever 21 option is also cute and won't break your bank.