3 Fun Ways To Go Shopping In Your Closet this Halloween

By the time the calendar strikes October 1st, I have one thing and one thing only on my mind- Halloween. Halloween in New Orleans is an incredible time filled with festivals and decorations galore. Going to Tulane, we’re so lucky to get to celebrate the holiday in such a spirited city. If you’re anything like me, the ever-daunting task of figuring out the perfect Halloween costume is also on your mind at every mention of the holiday. With so many opportunities to be festive, there’s tons of opportunities to spend tons of money, and on a college-kid budget sometimes that’s just not possible. Here are a few ideas to integrate your everyday wardrobe into classic Halloween costumes- without breaking your bank!

The Black Legging = Endless Possibilities

Leggings are a classic, versatile staple that every girl undoubtedly has in her closet. Even more perfect though, is the fact that leggings are comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time- such a Halloween night at Voodoo fest! Toss on a pair of your fav leggings, paired with a black button-down top you have in your closet, add on cheap accessories such as these badges, handcuffs and hats from Party City- now you have a simple, fun Police Officer Costume! Costumes like this can cost up to $80 in stores, but with a little improvisation you can have one at a pocket-friendly cost.

Denim Jacket + Grunge Attitude

Another extremely adaptable closet staple is the denim jacket. Light enough to wear during balmy NOLA fall nights, denim jackets are a perfect edition to any Halloween costume this season. Pair the old denim jacket you have hanging in your closet with ripped shorts, a vintage concert tee, and add some converse or combat boots and you have a fun 80’s grunge costume. Swap out the concert t-shirt & shorts for a tight black tank and leggings and you have a hot greaser girl costume (circa Sandy from Grease).

Prescription Glasses ARE Cool

As typical as it may sound, wearing your glasses for a Halloween costume can really add a more authentic vibe to any look- without any extra cost to you. Plus, you can take out those bothersome contacts for a night and embrace your inner nerd! Add your glasses to a white tank, jean shorts and a pair of suspenders and you instantly have a fun and casual nerd costume. Trade the jean shorts for a cute plaid skirt, and you have a classic ‘school-girl’ look! 

No matter what look you go for this Halloween, there's always something in your closet that can be transformed into an amazing costume. Keep it pocket friendly and simple this season!