3 Daring Spring Trends

Spring is finally here in New Orleans. After a few too many rainy afternoons, stomping through puddles on the way to class, students are flocking outside to embrace the warm weather. If you stop by Reily, the student recreation center, you will see the social pool at maximum capacity. If you walk down McAlister Drive and stop outside the Lavin-Bernick Center (LBC for short), the outdoor patio is flocking with students, excited to change up their study routine and develop a tan while working. 

While the sun is something I fully embrace, spring excites me for a different reason. With a new season, comes new trends. Although living on a campus where the typical wardrobe consists of leggings and an oversized t-shirt can make it difficult to embrace my fashionista side, I like to incorporate trendy items into my more casual wardrobe, to give me an extra boost of confidence on my way to class. Here are 3 out there trends, and 3 ways to style these trends that seems less scary for an everyday college student living in Louisiana. 

Tie Dye

Tie Dye has emerged as a fashion influencer favorite for the coming season, having premiered on the runway by the likes of Stella McCartney, Prada, and Dior. While admittedly, to me, Tie Dye still seems like a middle school art project, only worn by "aging hippies", there is definitely a more subtle way to pull off this new trend. I am personally not opposed to a tie-dye hair elastic or accessory to spice up a more boring outfit. Or if you're looking for something bolder, put on that die dye dress and dismiss any haters standing in your way. 




Cycling short

Around a year ago, cycling shorts emerged as a staple wardrobe item, worn by the Kardashians along with countless bloggers and celebrities. While admittedly I assumed this trend was a fad, the cycling shorts are back for this coming spring. Chanel and Stella McCartney are only a couple of designers featuring the cycling short.  After scrolling through many blogs unsure if the cycling short was right for me, I finally found a brand that takes a more subtle approach to the cycling short. Beach Riot, a favorite brand for swimsuits, flowy dresses, and yoga gear, features matching sets in bright patterns and colors as opposed to boring black. I am excited to try the cycling short this spring with Beach Riots help. After all, the humidity in New Orleans can at times make leggings feel unbearable. 



Neon is everywhere. While myself along with many others, assumed that neon was a passing trend that not even Kim Kardashian could pull off, House of Harlow, Off White, and Valentino have embraced the trend in their Spring and Summer 2019 collections. While I am not going to go out and buy a bright neon dress, A Neon Sweatshirt or pair of running sneakers could add some fun to my typical library outfit, elevating my mood for this spring. Aritiza is one brand that is making it easy for the everyday consumer to implement neon into their wardrobe.