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27 Signs You’re Charlie Kelly From It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Ever felt a strong connection to this guy right here?

Here are some signs you just might be the delightfully illiterate and morally questionable Charlie Kelly!

1. You understand the inner complexities of cats…


2. And they flock to you for being able to see their true selves.


3. You love cheese.


4. You love discussing the topic of cheese in a philosophical light.


5. Your love for cheese has no bounds.


6. You + cheese = pure happiness.


7. You’re patriotic.


8. Photos just ain’t yo thang.


9. Neither is online dating.


10. You’re honest…


11. So when anyone questions your post-graduation plans, you’re all like



12. You’re ever so crafty.


13. You want every creature to indulge in the same comforts as you.

kitten mittons (note: not mittens)


14.  Your current state of health is a tad bit concerning.


15. You like things to go your way…


16. And have creative outbursts when it doesn’t.


17. People’s actions confuse you sometimes.


18. You could probably use a refresher course in general vocabulary…


19. And reading, for that matter.


20. You don’t like change.


21. You’re the reckless one of your friend group.


22. You’re easily excitable…


23. But every once in a while, you need some downtime.

24. You’re a hopeless romantic.


25. Dancing comes naturally to you.


26. You have your doubts in life.


27. But overall, it doesn’t take much to make you happy.


you tell ’em, Charlie.




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