10 Signs it's Finals Week at Tulane: Summer Survival Kit Edition

1. Your walk to class looks like this... 

2. But Tulane doesn't think it's that bad 

3. You forgot your umbrella at home and could really use a Boohoo Emergency Poncho! 

4. After being soaked all day, you decide to #Celebrateyourself! with some CHIPOTLE  ***I know guac costs extra...I'll have double

5. You finally get home to study, but realize you have more important things to read...

 6. So you give yourself a little break 

7. And decide you could probably use a little exercise 

8. Now you can finally sit down at your computer and work on a pape----online shop! 

Chloe and Isabel here we come!  

9. But now it's time to FOCUS!

10. and at the end of the day...CELEBRATE FINISHING A GREAT SEMESTER!