10 Restaurants Tulane Visitors Can't Miss

Finding the perfect restaurant to enjoy with your visitors can be challenging. These classic restaurants are sure to show your guests the Nola foodie scene, one meal at a time. Tulane students have no shortage of good eats, from classic New Orleans dishes to upscale Israeli noms to perfect brunch spots.


Two of New Orleans’s most acclaimed restaurants are perfect for visitors, because they showcase the city’s cosmopolitan food scene. Nola natives love their crawfish and gumbo, but they also love their hummus and shakshuka. These spots are a perfect way to show your friends and family some upscale Israeli eats, but try to make a reservation beforehand. Plus, their unlimited pita is TO DIE FOR.

Ba Chi

You can’t walk into this casual Vietnamese restaurant without seeing someone you know. Only a few blocks away from campus, Ba Chi is a great place to go in a time crunch. I highly recommend the Bacos, a taco inside a bao bun. Not to mention, Ba Chi is famous for their Bring Your Own Wine situation.

Josephine Estelle

Located in the Ace Hotel (another classic hotspot), Josephine Estelle is a downtown restaurant famous for their pasta. Josephine Estelle’s crown jewel is definitely their Cacio e Pepe, a dish I am thinking about at all times. Bonus: head across the street after dinner to Drip Affogato Bar to construct your own affogato.

Superior Seafood

Bring your guests to Superior to satisfy their New Orleans seafood fix. With a large selection of crawfish dishes on the menu, they can certainly get a taste of classic Nola fare. Be sure to try the oysters! This is also a great spot for Happy Hour.


Only a short walk away from campus, Satsuma is the perfect place to bring your visitors for a casual brunch. This cafe has a large selection of beverages to accompany your avocado toast or omelet. On any given morning, Satsuma consists of at least 30% Tulane students.

Rum House

Enjoy a stroll along Magazine Street, then head into Rum House for Mexican food or Happy Hour. This fun restaurant has plenty of tacos to choose from, but first order some guac and queso. On a nice day, sit outside and take in the atmosphere.


This brunch spot is perfect for guests with dietary restrictions. Bearcat has plenty of dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. There is also a large menu of coffee and other beverages. Be sure to order the famous smashed potatoes!

Willa Jean

Willa Jean has been the place to eat in Nola for years. With a copious selection of biscuits and toasts, head to this restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Don’t miss the cookies + milk for dessert!


This classic brunch spot has lots of great options, from eggs to crepes to toasts. Be sure to order the famous aebleskivers (pancake bites) for the table, with your choice of sauce.