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10 Most Annoying People On Facebook

Like it or not, Facebook is a huge part of our lives.  Benefits include keeping up with family (S/O to Grandma for all those likes) and stalking old high school friends to make sure you’re having more fun than them. But with the good comes the bad, and sometimes the bad is so, so bad. Worse than the fomo inducing content, aggressive article posting, and pictures of tiny animals dying are the people actually posting them: the most annoying humans on earth.

1.     People who are really funny on Facebook but who are awkward in person


2.     The Selfie Connoisseur


3.     People who comment too much on overheard


4.     People who change their profile pictures at strategic times for more likes


5.     Adults.

6.    ” Who’s up?”


7.     Be aggressive! Passive aggressive! (subtweeters)


8.     People with overused Mardi Gras/Crawfest/Bourbon Street profile pictures


9.     People who put up too many screen shots from snapchat


10. The person who posts about their problems and then says “I don’t want to talk about it.”


Game over, goodbye, that’s it. Unfriend.

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