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What Your Favorite Sweater Says About You

Our favorite things can give a glimpse into who we are as people. See what your favorite knits say about you, your style, and your personality.



Besides the fact that you like to keep your neck warm, turtlenecks are super in, and that means you probably keep up with fashion. It’s also one of the more romantic knits that makes you think of Paris and a cup of coffee, so you might be a true romantic at heart. Also, maybe you didn’t feel like thinking about a necklace.



You’re really edgy, and that cool girl style is what you’re chasing. You love appearing a little badass and imperfect, and you have a really good sense of innate style. You probably follow the style of pop culture stars and street style more than you follow high fashion or super models.


Classic Knit:

You have a classic sense of style, and you don’t follow trends. You simply know what looks good on you and stick to it. You always look classic and elegant. You might have a soft, friendly personality, and you’re probably adored by everyone around you.



You’re artsy, quirky, and fun. You’re not afraid to wear a dad sweater in public, and you make it look great! You probably enjoy artistic pursuits such as writing, painting, or music. People enjoy being around your creative persona.



You value the finer things in life. You value quality over quantity, and you may be a minimalist. You have a few close friends and don’t really care about ungenuine connections. You might come off a little snobby to some, but in truth you’re simply selective.




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