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What to Say and What Not to Say to a Friend with an Eating Disorder

Finding out that your friend has an eating disorder can be scary. We never want to see our friends suffering, but approaching her may seem uncomfortable.

Don’t know what to do? We can help! Below are a few tips on how to talk to a friend that might be struggling. 

  1. DON’T criticize your friend or blame her for her disorder.
  2. DO listen to her and create a safe, comfortable environment.
  3. DON’T talk about calories/losing weight/what she is eating.
  4. DO show her that you care about how she is feeling.
  5. DON’T try to provide a simple solution.
  6. DO offer your support and patience.
  7. DON’T make the conversation about how her condition is affecting you.
  8. DO use “I statements” to express your concern for her situation and try to understand.
  9. DON’T talk about how you struggle with eating and weight to your friend.
  10. DO set a positive example for her. 


Let’s come together and help the women in our lives fight back against eating disorders.

Source: http://www.nedc.com.au/what-to-say-and-do



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