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What it Really Means to “Get This Bread”

“Let’s take this toast”

“Let’s yeet this wheat”

“Let’s grab this gluten”

If anyone else is slightly confused by the “let’s get this bread” Twitter trend, you are not alone. Even a month into the onslaught of memes and tweets, I realize that I know very little about the origin of the *biggest thing since sliced bread* (haha.) So, after weeks of midterms and my first break in months, I decided that the best thing to do with my free time was to explore the history and intricacies of the newest Twitter fad. Now, time to get this bread.

According to Urban Dictionary, the saying comes from the common slang word for money: dough. It was first used in Rich Boy’s song “Let’s Get This Paper,” released on March 13, 2007. The phrase was a rally call to work hard to earn some money. However, to Internet users today, it means much more than just making money. People can “get this bread” at school, at the gym, at work or even on the dance floor.

Now that you know the lowdown on the bread, get out there and land this loaf!




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